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69 BC: CLEOPATRA VII (Canaanite bloodline) A. As a direct descendant of the Ptolemaic line, Cleopatra assumed the role of Pharaoh. B. Cleopatra adopted Egyptian customs and beliefs and delcared herself to be the reincarnation of the goddess Isis.

CLEOPATRA'S CHILDREN: WITH MARK ANTONY: 1. Cleopatra Selene II 2. Alexander Helios 3. Ptolemy Philadelphus WITH GAIUS JULIUS CAESAR: 1. Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar (Caesarion)

47BC: CAESARION, aka "JESUS?" A. Caesarion's official birth title proclaimed him a God, Son of God and King of Kings. He later became patron of the Pharaohs and was given the title "son of truth." B. Caesarion's Royal Egyptian names were: 1. Iwapanetjer entynehem - "Heir of the God who saves" 2. Setepenptah - "Chosen of Ptah" 3. Irmaatenre - "Sun of Righteousness" 4. Sekhemankhamun - "Living Image of Amun" C. Caesarion was Pharoah for a brief time and although he never officialy became Caesar, he was the only heir of Gaius Julius Caesar. D. Caesarion was also seen as the reincarnation of the god Horus, son of Isis (Cleopatra) 1. According to Egyptian Mythology, Isis was impregnated by the "divine fire" and conceived a miraculous son (Horus). E. The Egyptian deity Shed (Savior) represents the Egyptian concept of salvation and is associated with Horus as a child.

EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD EXCERPT CONCERNING HORUS: A. Thy son Horus hath ascended thy throne, and all life is with him. Millions of years minister unto him, and millions of years hold him in fear. The Company of the Gods are his servants, and they hold him in fear. The god Tem, the Governor, the only One among the gods, hath spoken, and his word passeth not away. Horus is both the divine food and the sacrifice. He made haste to gather together [the members of] of his father. Horus is his deliverer.

Caesarion EYE OF HORUS

CAESARION FLEES EGYPT: A. Around 30 BC, Octavian invades Egypt and orders his men to kill Caesarion. At 17 Caesarion escapes to Berenice. From here he travels to India. 1. Plutarch's account: Caesarion, who was said to be Cleopatra's son by Julius Caesar, was sent by his mother, with much treasure, into India, by way of Ethiopia. EYE

OF HORUS MASONIC EYE OF PROVIDENCE The main function of the Metternich Stela was for the magical healing of poisons, mostly caused by animals. Water was poured over the Stela and collected. The water from the Stela was then drunk by the person suffering from the poisonous ailment

CHRISTIANITY EVOLVES FROM BUDDHISM: A. Missionary routes between India and the Mediterranea were well established at this point. Emperor Ashkoa (304 BC) sent the first Buddhist missionaries to the Mediterranean. They visited cities such as Athens, Antioch and Caesarion's home town of Alexandria Egypt. (See Edicts of Ashoka) Buddhist missionaries from the Theravāda school established a colony in Alexandria. Histroian Philo (20 BC-50 AD) called them the Therapeutae. B. De Vita Contemplativa: (here,

Philo describes the Therapeutae) 1."Now this class of persons may be met with in many places, for it was fitting that both Greece and the country of the barbarians should partake of whatever is perfectly good; and there is the greatest number of such men in Egypt, in every one of the districts, or nomes, as they are called, and especially around Alexandria; and from all quarters those who are the best of these therapeutae proceed on their pilgrimage to some most suitable place as if it were their country, which is beyond the Maereotic lake." 2. "The entire interval from dawn to evening is given up by them to spiritual exercises. For they read the holy scriptures and draw out in thought and allegory their ancestral philosophy, since they regard the literal meanings as symbols of an inner and hidden nature revealing itself in covert ideas." 3. "These men abandon their property without being influenced by any predominant attraction, and flee without even turning their heads back again." 4. "They profess an art of medicine more excellent than that in general use in cities." METTERNICH STELLA: A large portion of Romans were members of the Cult of Isis around the time of Caesarion and afterwards. The cult was known to proscribe periods of sexual abstinence to its adherents. A coffin burried in St. Peter's tomb contains the body of a woman who was initiated into the mysteries of the Egyptian Isis. The Cult of Isis was persecuted under several Roman rulers. Private chapels were destroyed and followers were crucifed. The male name Isidore (Greek: "Gift of Isis") has been given to several saints of the Catholic church including Saint Isidore of Seville.

BIBLICAL JESUS DISAPPEARS FROM HISTORY: A. At approximately the same age that Casarion escaped to India, the Biblical Jesus dissapears from the Biblical record. An 18 year span of his alleged life is missing.

300 AD: IRISH GAELS INVADE SCOTLAND: HISTORICAL: A. Small Gael settlements going back centuries had been established in southwestern Scotland near the areas of Argyll and Bute. A new influx of Gaels from Ireland arrive in this locale and begin the early formations of what will become the Dál Riata Kingdom. B. At it's height, the Dál Riata encompassed the current wards of Argyll and Bute, Lochaber and County Antrim. MYTHOLOGY: A. The origins of Scotland have been traced to two variations of a similar tale. In each story, Pharaoh's daughter Scota arrives in Ireland with an early Scythia explorer. Supposedly, the Romans referred to early Irish raiders of the would be Scotland, as Scoti. The name Scotland was derived from Scoti. 400-849 AD CANAANITE BLOODLINE AND THE ANGLO-SAXONS: A. The Angles who were originally from Denmark settled in Northern Germany(Schleswig-Holstein). The Angles merged with the Saxons of Germany and Holland. The Anglo-Saxons then migrated to Scotland(Bernicia). Bernicia merged with Deira of Northern England and formed the kingdom of N orthumbria. B. The Canaanite bloodline was passed on to Anglo-Saxon immigrants from Denmark, Germany and Holland through intermarriage with the Gaels of Scotland. B. The most famous Anglo-Saxon was Alfred the Great, King of Wessex. The House of Wessex ancestoral line links Alfred the Great to Matilda of Scotland. Matilda married Henry I of England. As ancestors of Henry, the kings and queens of England including Queen Elizabeth II are related to Alfred the Great. C. Close relationships between the English Monarchy and the Royal households of Denmark and Holland are based upon ancestral intermarriage. ANGLO-SAXON HELMET 1100 AD: THE HOUSE OF WELF-ESTE: A. The House of Welf (Guelph) is a European Dynasty established through intermarriage between various European royal households. Enduring relationships were established between royalty in Britain, Germany, Italy, Austria and elsewhere. The eldest members of the dynasty hail from Lombardy Italy. B. The most important thing to remember about the House of Welf is that it established close relationships between the British Monarchy and Italian Royalty.